For over 20 years, Liv Birgit Christensen has helped individuals and families trace their Norwegian heritage from within Norway and reconnect with the past. She presents extensive workshops and webinars with tips and techniques for genealogical research in Norway, and specializes in helping English speaking clients from Canada, the US, Australia, and elsewhere.

Christensen offers clients seeking their Norwegian family history a variety of services including:

  • finding your ancestors in Norway.
  • collecting archive material in the national and local Norwegian archives, Riksarkivet or Statsarkivene.
  • translating Norwegian postcards and letters.
  • preparing for heritage travel in Norway.
  • enriching your family history by setting it in a local and historical context.

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Webinars and Workshops

Liv Birgit Christensen offers a variety of online presentations and in-person workshops and classes on Norwegian research in English and Norwegian. Her most popular webinar for groups and genealogy societies is Journey of Norwegian Genealogy.

The webinar is 45 minutes via Google Hangouts or Skype, and includes introduction to :

  • the Digitalarkivet, and Registreringssentralen for historiske data, key genealogical sources in Norway and she shows basic search techniques.
  • understanding Norwegian patronymics and the naming patterns in Norway of first, last, and farm names.
  • the structure of geographic jurisdictions, clerical districts and boundaries of counties, municipalities, and parishes.
  • using maps in genealogical research in Norway.
  • finding heirlooms and identifying regional costumes and relics.

Other webinars and presentations include:

  • Norwegian Names: Examining the traditional naming structure of families using the patronymic and farm name system and understanding regional naming traditions and significance.
  • Norwegian Genealogical Sources: A study on the various of family history records and sources in Norway including Riksarkivet, Digitalarkivet, Statsarkivene, courts, municipalities, company archives, historical societies, museum libraries and archives, and other private and public archive sources.
  • Norwegian Cultural Relics: Explore regional cultural identities through costumes and relics of Norway’s past to help identify your Norwegian ancestors through photographs and relics passed down through the ages.
  • How to Plan a Family History Trip to Norway: Returning to your ancestral roots in Norway isn’t complete without this popular workshop by Liv Christensen on how to locate your ancestors in Norway and take in specific local and national cultural exhibits and museums to make the most of your trip to Norway.

For more information on these workshops and webinars, and to bring Liv Birgit Christensen to your family history and genealogical society, contact her for prices and more information, and see her About page for more information on her qualifications and online presentations.