Speaker at THE Genealogy Show Blaine T. Bettinger

I have done 3 DNA-tests; one with FamilyTreeDNA, one with Ancestry and the last one bettingerwith MyHeritage. I have found many relatives, but I also have many matches that I have problems in finding how we relate. But I do believe that all my great-grandparents proved by research are proven by DNA. The subject of DNA is a difficult one, so I try to attend lectures and webinars by the best educators.

Blaine Bettinger is the leading genetic genealogist in the United States. To learn more about DNA he is central to your education. He has written books and done lectures and webinars. He is in forefront regarding new methods and tools. I believe this is the first time that genealogists can meet him in Europe. At THE Genealogy Show in Birmingham UK, you can attend his lecture Embracing a New Era of Genealogy?

Read more about him here and attend his lecture: https://www.thegenealogyshow.uk/speaker-blaine-bettinger/

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