The 7 Uv brothers; Hans, Ole and Henrik.

Henrik Olsen Uv, in the front center,
at the Jelhaugen farm.

One of my great grandfathers was Henrik Olsen Uv born in 1855. He had six brothers, though in the Farmbook (“Bygdebok”) Gards- og slektshistorie for Oppdal: Lønset og Storlidalen by Grete Høgset, it says seven. Three were named Hans, two Ole and two Henrik. The firstborn twins, Hans and Hans died before they turned one. They were born on August 11, 1847. The first boy died August 27 1847, the other June 6 1848. All the other boys lived to adulthood. One of my genealogical goals have been to find pictures of the surviving five.

The parents were Anne Olsdatter Vasli (1819 – 1884) and Ole Hansen Uv (1819 – 1895). Anne was born at the farm Ångården Vasli.

A short biography of the five brothers:

Ole Olsen Uv, child number three, born April 7, 1850. He stayed on the farm both in census years 1865 and 1875. In 1875 he was helping his father at the farm (“Hjelper faderen med gaarden”). He married Anne Ellingsdatter Ishoel in 1880. They had four sons: Ole (1881), Elling (1884), Arnt (1889) and Martinus (1893). The son Ole emigrated to the US for a few years, but came back sick and died in 1903. Ole, the father, as the eldest child, inherited the farm about 1880. The farm was turned over to Elling in 1903.

Hans Olsen Uv was born November 24, 1852. In 1865 he is at the family farm. In 1875 he was at Hoel together with his brother Henrik (1855). Both are servants, farm hands (“Gaardsdreng”). He married Gjertrud Johannesdatter Lønset in June 1882 and they bought Øvergjerdet the next year. They had no children together, but Gjertrud had the daughter Kari Henriksdatter who took over the farm with her husband in 1909. Hans died of pneumonia in Trondheim in March 1914. He was buried in Oppdal.

Henrik Olsen Uv, later in life known as Henrik Olsen Storli was born on the 2nd of September 1855. Henrik was confirmed at Lønset church on the 16th of October 1870. He got the grade “Almost very good” (“Nesten Meget God”) in knowledge and Very good in diligence (“Meget god i flid”). He was an apprentice to be a shoemaker, but married in 1880 and became a farmer. His wife, Kristi Olsdatter Storli, inherited the farm Jelhaugen and they farmed it together. Kristi died in 1899. They had five children Ole (1881), Ole (1883), Halvor (1885), Anne (1888) and Dorothea (1891). Halvor died five years old of scarlet fever. In 1891 Henrik states in the census that he also hunts. Henrik dies in 1821 and the oldest son Ole is the next farmer. He had one son Eivind Torve. The other Ole married Dagny Næs and had three daughters.

Ole Olsen Uv, the sixt son was born on January 24 1858. He married Kristi Johnsdatter Øien in 1884. At the time he was a shoemaker. They had two children: Ole (1884) and Anne (1889). Kristi had one daughter before her marriage; Marit Ingebrigtsdatter (1879). Kristi and her two children emigrated in March 1901 shortly after Ole, her husband, died in December 1900. Her daughter Marit emigrated in 1900. Kristi later married Roald Roaldsen Øverhaug. In the US he took the last name Lee. Ole and Kristi and the children lived at Uv, Ishol and at Isholkalvhagen. More places might be uncovered. Anne lived in the US for a while, then she and her husband Gustav Amundson relocated to Canada. I believe that Ole eventually settled in California under the name Oien.

Henrik Olsen Uv, the youngest son was born in 1861. Henrik had many occupations in his lifetime; tailor, brick layer, road worker and gravestone worker. Henrik married Marit Taraldsdatter Detlirønning in 1886. They had two children Ole (1886) and Anne (1890). Anne was known in Oppdal under her married name; Ane Soneson. She married a Swedish man and they owned a company who sold auto-parts and more. Ane was generous and contributed to the pensioners home in Oppdal after the war and also shared her wealth with “Opdalingene” in the form of gifts. She came to Norway twice, once when her father was sick with cancer. Beforehand she had given her father the house “Hemstad” at Lønset.

Marit Taraldsdatter had another child, Ragna Halvorsdatter in 1897. Marit emigrated in 1906 with her daughters Anne and Ragna. Ole left for the US in 1907. He called himself Ole Detle. When he was 48 years old, Henrik tried to emigrate to the US. He was probably tricked out of his money and therefore deported back to Norway. He was meant to stay permanently with his son Ole. Henrik died in 1938. He was known to be a fun guy, doing pranks.

Sources: My own genealogical research, Uv descendants and Gards- og slektshistorie for Oppdal: Lønset og Storlidalen by Grete Høgset.

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