RootsTech Connect 2021 – 25–27 February

This week it is RootsTech Connect and it is of course an online conference. There are hundreds of lectures in English and in other languages as well.

At the Family History Library in 2018.

I have been to RootsTech twice in Salt Lake City and once in London. And it is a great experience, no other conference is as large as this. And the management and keynote speakers are the best; one favorite of mine is Steve Rockwell, FamilySearch International CEO. We get updated on the last news in technology and can hear great family stories. Two lectures I can recommend are by Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger from the Norwegian Emigrant Museum in Hamar, with the titles Norwegian Emigrant Museum: A Resource to Identify Norwegian Emigration and Norwegian Emigration through the Years.

A visit to the Family History Library in Salt lake City is a must. On my visit there I found booklets about my area of research that I had not seen in Norway. It was then possible to tell a story that was not known. A helpful staff member made those finds possible. The size of the library and the number of items they have, and the amount of digitized records can hardly be found anywhere else. And it is free.

When a visit to the library is not possible, use the possibilities at FamilySearch digitally. The wiki can be accessed here . It is probably the best “textbook” found, describing Norwegian research in English. A few highlights are

On Mondays with Myrt in February 2017, from left Jenny Fairs, Cheryl Hudson Passey, Pat Richley-Erickson and Liv Birgit Christensen.
  • The Norway Clickable Map which leads you into the records for the Norwegian municipalities (on the front page, but scroll down).
  • Parish Register Headings for Norway found here
  • Norwegian Genealogical Word List

My first time on Mondays with Myrt was in 2017 in Salt Lake City. And later that year, we made the two webinars about Norwegian genealogical research together with Russ Worthington. I attend Mondays with Myrt almost every week and try to share news about Norwegian research and sometimes what I have found on my own family. The Event calendar to Dear Myrt’s is here.

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