Mondays with Myrt and Russ

Before the webinar Mondays with Myrt on february 26 2018 at the Family history Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Dave Robison, Roger Moffatt and Pat Richley-Erickson in deep concentration.

Most Mondays since about 2012, I have watched Mondays with Myrt, started by Pat Richley-Erikcson. In this period, and maybe longer, she has had her program companion, Russ Worthington, by her side. As of today, there are 1202 videos on YouTube under the nom de plume of Dear Myrt, to watch. So much fun! On Mondays there has been a group of panelists that have talked about what has been happening in their genealogy circles. And important events have been discussed and commented on. The panel has become more and more international as time has passed.

Pat has worked on many projects and shared them with her many friends and followers. Go to her blog and see what interests you. I will only show a few examples here:

Wacky Wednesday has most often had a theme, perhaps a continuation of something important that came up on Monday. On example is Organizing active research notes, you can see it on this link. Here, some of her cousins, like Sweet Sadie, have appeared. The playfulness has been one of her many qualities. During Covid she had had some short Zoom meetings, every day, very important for many during a stressful time. Her compassion is one of her virtues, many of us have appreciated that.

An important quality that Pat has, is to be a catalyst in starting persons off on genealogical projects. Her advice, support and encouragement have led to good results where DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) applications have been sent, careers have been started, and more.

Examples of different countries study groups are

Scotland – 13 episodes starting here

Norway – two episodes here

Hispanic – two episodes with Coleen Green here

And other subjects are

Beginning Genealogy Study Group in 20 episodes. The link to number one is here.

Mastering Genealogical Study Group in nine episodes

CensusGenie, leading up to the opening of the 1950 US federal census.

Russ Worthington has all this time been working behind the scenes to see to it that the webinars are professionally executed. Pat and he have had their respective roles: Pat has led the webinars and done the interviews; Russ has seen to it that the show is going according to plan and that the chat is being shared. Russ is an expert on Family Tree Maker, the same program that I use. I do not know anybody who masters it better than he. His blog is here . As a good genealogist, he is an expert on citing sources. Why not learn more from him?

Pat giving Russ a gift with military artifacts. Linda and Randy Seaver in the background.

I have been a panel member for a long time, but a full member from 2019. Being asked has been an honour, and I have enjoyed being able to share my ancestry and examples of Norwegian genealogy. And it has been interesting to hear comments, that sometimes have changed my perception of the theme. It is with much sadness that this webinar comes to an end.

I would like to thank Russ Worthington and Pat Richley-Erickson for what they have done and been for the genealogical community. It has meant so much to many of us!

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