Director of THE Genealogy Show Kirsty Gray

Kirsty gray.JPGKirsty Gray is the enthusiastic Director of THE Genealogy Show. She is also running Family Wise Limited, one of the leading intestacy companies in Britain. And as if that is not enough, she is participating at genealogy conferences around the globe. She founded the Surname Society.

Kirsty is both an author and lecturer, her book Tracing Your West Country Ancestors, was published in March 2013 by Pen and Sword. She lectures around the globe and nine webinars can be found on Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Her knowledge and energetic and infectious personality captures her audiences.

At THE Genealogy Show three genealogists; Jill Ball, DearMyrtle and Mags Gaulden from Australia, the US and Canada, will grill Kirsty about “What is it really like being an Heir Hunter?”

You can read more about the show and this talk here:

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