When there are errors in the “Bygdebok”

The Farm books for Oppdal municipality are many. This year the 9th in a series was published. The first one was published in 2001 and describes the farms of Lønset and Storlidalen (Gards- og slektshistorie for Oppdal: Lønset og Storlidalen by Grete Høgset.). An important area for my research. In the period 1947 to 1951 three books by Ola J. Rise and Ingeborg Donali were published. The series was called “Oppdalsboka. Historie og folkeminne.»  

Isholsætra -the summer mountain pasture for the Ishol farm.

A book like this about Lønset and Storlidalen, 500 pages crammed with names, dates and places, will always have some errors. After my post about the 7 Uv brothers I was asked where Ole Olsen (1858) lived as married. In some sources one could find that he and the family lived at Isholkalvhagen. But in the “Bygdebok” there was no sign of him (page 147: Isholkalvhågån – plass under Storstuggu). I have done some more detailed research and found that Ole left home some time between 1865 and 1875, because he was living at Hjemsæter as a shoemaker and a lodger on the farm in 1875, while he was at his parents in 1865.

At the time of his marriage in 1884 with Kristi Johnsdatter Øyen, he was named Ole Olsen Uv and hence he probably stayed at his family farm. And when the son Ole was born in 1885 they still lived at Uv. But when the daughter Anne was born, they are named Ishol. Later in life he and the family were registered as living at Isholkalvhagen. So I believe Ishol here is meant to be Isholkalvhagen. In the 1891 census he was a tenant farmer and shoemaker. At the time of his death in December 1900, Ishol is given as his home. While the family is located at Isholkalvhagen in the 1900 census.

The “Lønset book” lists the farm and the people living there on page 147. It states that Anne Roaldsdatter Ishol was the last inhabitant and that she died in 1887. Her husband had died, but she lived with her children, who all emigrated to the US. So I believe that Ole and his family probably bought the place from Anne’s descendant about 1887, especially since their daughter Anne was born at Ishol in 1889.

But there is more to the story. The remains on the ground where the house stood is still to be found, and gives evidence that there was a house there once. The house was sold to Gustav Grøseth who used it to live in and for a café, at Auna, the “city center” of Oppdal. The hunt goes on! To have somebody take a picture of the remains of where the house stood and to find an old picture of the building used as a café. And verify if it is Isholkalvhagen that ended as Gustav Grøseth’s property.

Sources: My own genealogical research, Uv descendants and Gards- og slektshistorie for Oppdal: Lønset og Storlidalen by Grete Høgset.

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